NCR Silver

Don’t let Silver’s unassuming presence fool you. A full suite of products packed into one solution, Silver is all business.
In a nutshell, super easy. From setting up your POS and ringing up transactions to tracking sales, NCR Silver™ was made to never get in the way. You’ll likely find that employees will need little training, and that you will be using the back office in no time.

Unlike traditional cash registers, NCR Silver is available as an app on an iPad and other Apple devices. This brings mobility, remote data access and much more to the mix. Whether you’re doing business at the counter or on the floor, the NCR Silver point-of-sale system on iPad can take you where you want to go.

Mobile transactions for one thing. Then, there’s advanced security, freedom and flexibility. You can also track sales, add inventory and more wherever you have an Internet connection. When your point-of-sale system is in the cloud, your business on the ground will soar.

All you need is a card reader for basic transactions. But there are plenty of flexible and advanced hardware options available for your POS, including wireless printers for kitchen and retail orders, an iPad swivel stand and barcode scanners.

Credit Card Acceptance

Accept the cards your customers are carrying.

Most businesses accept credit and debit cards as payment. We believe that this process should be as efficient and painless as possible for both you and your customers. We work with businesses to keep the cost of accepting cards reasonable. Beyond the four major brands, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, we have experience with debit (bank) cards, pin-based debit, and petroleum industry cards such as Wright Express and Voyager. Whether you sell shoes, gasoline, or both, we make sure you're able to take the cards your customers carry.

Which cards your business accepts is important, when, where, and how your business takes them is even more important.

Gift & Loyalty

Reward customers for their loyalty while increasing profits.

A gift and loyalty program allows your business to offer rewards to customers, get them to shop more often, and spend more money. We work with you to create a program that meets your business goals, your customers’ needs, and gives you the highest return on investment. More than 60% of US households say loyalty card programs are an important part of their shopping decisions. Plastic gift and reward cards are one of the easiest methods for building customer loyalty, acquiring new customers, and gathering customer data.

Beyond plastic cards, we have tools that integrate gift and loyalty into smartphones apps, text campaigns, social media, and ecommerce websites. One size does not fit all when it comes to loyalty campaigns. Each set of customers responds to different rewards. Our tools help you create specific offers that relate to customers and optimize campaigns. Your hands and time are full so you probably don’t have time to think about the details of your loyalty and program. If you don’t know where to start. Give us a call.

Terminals & POS

Stay up to date with the best technology.

Relay for Business can supply the equipment your business needs to be efficient. Your business may just need a basic credit card terminal that connects to a phone line. At the other end of the spectrum are full-featured point-of-sale systems complete with biometric scanning for employee tracking.

New payment technologies are one way to improve customer satisfaction. Specific new technologies, including RF (Radio Frequency) contactless payments using credit cards, key fobs or cell phones, add value to the transaction because they are easy to use and increase speed of service.

Mobile Commerce

Take payments wherever you may roam.
Our mobile payment solutions transform smartphones into secure credit card machines, so you never miss a sale. Simply swipe a card, capture a signature, and enjoy the convenience of getting paid on the go. This program is perfect for businesses that deliver, do repairs on-site, or travel to shows. Getting started is easy and the app is free. Features include email receipts, tip and tax options, real-time reports, and customizable inventory. Rest assured that your customers' information stays safe and secure.


Sell your products online.

With a physical store, geography limits the number of customers you can reach. With an ecommerce website your customer base becomes the whole world. Branding and relationships drive retail, but ecommerce adds in traffic from search engines. Selling online can have many benefits. These include lower overhead, automation of the sales process, and customer convenience. The online world is especially well suited to reaching fans of niche products, who may be scattered all over the world.

But where do you start? How does a website work with credit card transactions? How does Facebook fit in? Where to spend marketing money? And, what the heck does SEO (search engine optimization) really mean?

Online Reporting

Keep track of what's going on.

Improve your operation with useful knowledge and greater insight into your business. Our online reporting options are convenient resources that help you answer your financial and processing questions.

Reports are updated daily, bringing you information that is timely and accurate. You will see all recent transactions, adjustments, deposits and more. You can also access details about retrievals and chargebacks. Reports can be automatically emailed on a schedule you set, or simply accessed when you need. You can combine related locations into groups to track performance of a single store, or a group of stores. This means you can quickly spot trends in sales and performance.